Birthday Party Ideas for a 3 Year Old Girl

The one thing about a 3 year-old is that they are always on the move! They are curious and always on the move! With so many great things to look at, touch, and try, can you blame them? With 3 girls under the age of three, I learned FAST how to plan an awesome birthday party!

Rent a Bounce House

Frozen Bounce House 1The one thing I made it a point to do at every birthday party is rent a bounce house! The first year I rented a 15 x 15 bounce house and the next year I upgraded to one with a slide! Bounce houses are amazing! Between the bouncing, climbing, and sliding – kids find a way to stay entertained without getting bored! I’m not going to lie, it was also pretty fun for me to enjoy too!

Looking for an affordable bounce house rental? Check out Bounce House NH. They offer a great selection of bounce houses, inflatable slides, and water slide rentals.

Set Up Stations

I LOVE stations. Ask anyone who has every come to any of my birthday parties РI am obsessed. Stations allow children to choose what they want to do, when they want to do it, and how they want to do it. They also provide variety which reduces boredom. A distracted kid is a happy kid!  Here are few great ideas for birthday stations:Art Table Birthday Party Ideas

  • Bubble Station – Set up bubbles and allow children to blow bubbles.
  • Playdough Station – Set up a playdough station with cut outs and allow children to make something cool!
  • Painting Station – This is always my favorite. AC Moore and Michael’s sell wooden crafts for $1.00 each or less. They have bird houses, jewelry boxes, face masks, and more! Combine wooden crafts with washable paint or markers and you have hours of entertainment!
  • Decorate a Cupcake Station – This is fun! Instead of the traditional cake and ice cream, serve plain cupcakes! Let kids add their own frosting, sprinkles, and decorations.
  • Anything else! Be creative! You can have water tables, water balloons, sand stations, princess crown decorating, want making, jewelry making, outdoor building blocks, ball pit, and more!


Rent a Petting Zoo or Pony Rides

Traveling Petting zoo Birthday PartyThis is a great option for young kids! You can have a petting zoo come to your house for under $300! Some petting zoos include pony rides, while others require you to rent pony rides separately. One year we rented a bouncy house and a zoo – the kids had an absolute blast!

A traveling petting zoo will offer everything from bunnies and ducks, to goats and ponies! Some will put all of the animals together, while others will separate the animals into different sections.


Hire an Ice Cream Truck

This is a great experience for children, especially if they have never seen an ice cream truck! You can rent an ice cream truck, or Kona Ice (snow cone) truck. Usually you can get enough dessert for 30-50 kids for under $150!